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Professional Officer- Circular 88

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Published on 2022-01-16T20:47:49.000000Z

Professional Officer - Circular 88

The TES will be responsible for the following function/ work:

1. Documenting the Performance Indicator Measurement Sheet (PIMS) known as system description.

2. Provide guidance to line departments on how to complete PIMS. Provide guidance to APO's within OPM department.

3. Quality review the draft PIMS received from lines to assess if auditable. Following up and obtaining signed off PIMS.

4. Perform High-level quarterly verifications by inspecting and auditing the high-level summsry sheet+ detail list in terms of validity, accuracy and completeness.

5. Mini audits on high risk/ new - annual and quarterly indicators by requesting samples frm details lists and auditing the samples. Provide guidance to APO's within OPM department.

6. Prepare Monitoring and Oversight reports to communite work performed and to communicate findings raised.

7. Collate evidence upon RFI's recceived from the Auditor-General, submit to AG and return evidence back toline department. Facilitate meetings between AG and line departments, if required.

8. Assist and facilitate the linking of the budget to non-financial performance indicators.

The TES employee must meet the following requirements:

Qualification: Bcom with completed articles.

Experience: Auditing of municipalities and specifically auditing of performance information.

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