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An Exciting Career Opportunity Exists For A Registered Nurse In Labour Wards

null, Western Cape, ZA

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Category: Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations

Published on 2022-01-09T04:46:04.000000Z

Vacancy Details Employer:PPLE Healthcare Important Company maternity ward nursing care to pregnant women in hospitals. Manage pregnant women through the complete phase of their pregnancy. Detect labor symptoms in women and Important Company appropriate nursing care. Check cervix dilation and count contractions to detect pregnancy in women. Monitor vital signs like blood pressure and pulse rate in pregnancy women. Check baby's condition while in labor using fetal monitor or Doppler. Assist and support gynecologists or consulting physicians in treating pregnant women. Assist and support obstetricians in treating newborns if they are ill. Assist and support obstetricians in treating newborns if the >

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